Friday, October 30, 2015

Figure drawing / painting sessions

I have begun a series of group nude figure sessions with 3 other artists.
Here are sketches from the first 2 sessions. The painting was done from the sketch at home.
The sketches are in chalk pastel and are about 1 x 20 inches. The painting is an 8 x 10.

Polly LaPorte Bio Sheet

Persimmon in acrylic take 2

I repainted the persimmon to see if I could improve it. I loosened up on the framing and added a little bit of detail in the background. These persimmons are from my mom's tree in Placerville. The painting location is at our cabin in Tahoe.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Johagold and HoneyCrisp AND Abstract Day

With this set I am including an abstract line and color form. I am learning how to paint lines.... Not so easy.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Persimmon and Honey Crisp v. 4 Acrylics

Today was acrylic painting day. My second try at painting the persimmon. I went with a more painterly method. On the Honey Crisp I tried to get the red green stripes to look convincing.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Honey Crisp

And here is my most recent crop of apples. Honey Crisp was really tricky to paint.
I have been asked by some friends and friends of friends how to purchase any of these paintings.
Just refer to the post title and give me a text at 916-606-2623.  I will get them to you.
Again each one goes for $25.
Below :
Honey Crisp 1
Both Acrylic on canvas paper, ready for framing.
All paintings are 5" x 7" (unframed) unless otherwise noted.



Okay, I have gotten into the fall spirit and started painting persimmons.
Here is the result. the last one is done in acrylic on paper the others are using watercolor.
They are all signed and ready for hanging. One of these will be at my first group art show in Diamond Springs on Dec 5 and 6th.
All unframed pieces are selling for $25!
All paintings are 5" x 7" (unframed) unless otherwise noted.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yellow and Red

Getting used to my brushes. I am trying to use just 2 brush sizes. Signatures are tricky. I like to just write into the paint but it doesn't show up very well. SoI am printing my name with paint.

All paintings are 5" x 7" (unframed) unless otherwise noted.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Green Apple

Here we go my first post as a new daily painter.
I am starting off with apples on canvas board using acrylics.
I have already sold 2 prints through a small salon/gallery, A Wild Hair, in Diamond Springs.

Soon I will try to make these paintings available via ebay.
For now I am selling these unframed, 5" x 7" original paintings for $25 to help me pay for more art supplies.

Stay tuned.

All paintings are 5" x 7" (unframed) unless otherwise noted.